We, at Artentica, a fusion of the words "art" and "authentic," are committed to maintaining the authenticity of our craft and its origins, and we combine this with state-of-the-art technology and innovative machinery for the work we do with leather and fabric. This commitment has allowed us to work for the most important fashion brands worldwide and, recently, to expand our productions to the furniture industry by designing unique pieces creating superb, refined and sophisticated spaces.
We love to design feasible solutions for extraordinary ideas! To do so, we start by applying the craftsmanship and attention to detail that were typical of traditional family-owned businesses, and we combine these with cutting-edge machinery, most of which is built or custom-made by ourselves. This is how we enable new techniques for highly exclusive, world class manufacturing processes. Our expertise and skills allow us to apply these techniques in various fields, from clothing to leather goods and footwear, furniture, included.
From creating softness for clothing to durability for footwear, leather goods and furniture, we can customise quilting, creating exquisite levels of three-dimensionality. Since we first began 50 years ago, we have continued to develop and research padding and yarns, resulting in added softness for clothing and durability for footwear, leather goods and furniture, all enhanced by the exclusivity of quilting with heavy yarns of up to number 18 in size.
This is the evolution of a very old technique, brought to unparalleled high levels of torsional resistance without compromising, thanks to our research and an exclusive embedding process that takes this technique to a new level.
This is a unique engraving and cutting process, dust and burn-free, a technique used to incise even the most challenging materials with great accuracy and detail, maintaining their original quality and character. Our specific and proven engraving and cutting process ensures odourless, burn-free, and dust-free results without the need for post-washing. Materials of all kinds, even the most difficult, can be enhanced with the highest level of detailing.
From embossing to inlay work, from patchwork to thermowelding, to exclusive techniques for seamless leather bonding, we use a wide range of processes to maintain design and ensure maximum versatility, even on the most demanding of raw materials.
We carry out research on eco-sustainable materials aimed at ensuring the same standards of longevity, durability and quality as on all our production.
We have extended our most exclusive high-fashion production techniques to the world of Interior Design. In doing so, we have opened up Artentica to a sector where beauty, quality and durability are key. We create surface coverings, furnishings and artistic paintings. We apply our craftsmanship to tiles and panels, transforming them into unique pieces, enhancing exclusive and timeless environments. Working with various materials including leather, fabric, wood and mother-of-pearl, we dedicate our finest skills to projects that embody the high level of craftsmanship inherent in the Made in Italy brand, allowing us to decorate interiors with the rarest and most prestigious materials.
It all began in 1974 at a place called San Miniato, in the province of Pisa, when a quilting machine ignited Gioacchino Barletta′s passion and ambition for perfection. The arrival of his wife, Rossana, with her unmistakable skills at craftwork, further fuelled the growth, exploration and reputation of the brand, which year after year became a benchmark for quality and reliability for the most prestigious high fashion brands. An important turning point came in 2010 when Trapuntificio Barletta became Ricamificio Barletta. The refinement and complexity of the quilting made using prestigious leathers and fabrics continued to evolve, leading to the creation of highly unique pieces and a significant development of our processing techniques. Two years later, in 2012, Artentica′s creativity also captivated a new generation, namely Pamela and Leonardo, the daughter and son of Gioacchino and Rossana. Together, they have created an increasingly advanced synergy between craftsmanship and a never-ending exploration of techniques, technology and machinery, pushing the boundaries of design without ever abandoning their inherent pride for the craftsmanship that remains at the heart of the company. This mingling of tradition and the future led to the opening of the new creative, functional headquarters in 2022, still at San Miniato. The new space was meticulously designed with a strong focus on environmental sustainability, making use of renewable energy sources, maximizing natural light, recycling rainwater and production waste, and implementing eco-friendly waste collection and disposal practices. Here, the new brand "Artentica Barletta" was born, the result of combining the two words, "Art" and "Authentic". The choice was deliberate, reflecting our identity and commitment to developing the latest technology and techniques with the care, artistic uniqueness and reliability of traditional craftsmanship, leading Artentica′s history of dedication, continuous evolution, research and passion into the future.
To combine authenticity, care and versatility to achieve the best result in terms of quality. To preserve the true values embodied in the Made in Italy brand that we are proud to have contributed to, and the values that distinguish us from others. Our passion for this work, spanning generations, allows us to approach each project as if it were being done for ourselves, whether it be shaping a designer′s vision or that of an architect. Our mission, as always, is to apply the utmost refinement, dedication and research to complex craftsmanship techniques that has made us what we are today.
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